Your pet and home are in good hands with vacation care from Waggin Tails!

Vacation Care

Waggin Tails offers a very specialized vacation care service where I stay in your own home while you are on vacation.

For some dogs, it can feel stressful for their human moms/dads to leave for a period of time. With Waggin Tails, that stress is significantly reduced.

  • Your dogs will get one on one attention while you are away

  • It's as if you haven't left because I can step in and provide the same routine that your dogs already have

  • They get to stay in the comfort of their own home which is familiar and comfortable

  • Protection of your home and valuables while you're away

  • Unfortunately, house break-ins are on the rise according to news reports and Seattle police. With Waggin Tails, since I will be living in your home for that time, the chances of a break-in are hugely decreased. I will be there to bring in newspapers and mail so that others will know the house is still occupied. I also provide any home care that is needed such as watering plants, feeding fish, and of course, taking care of any other small animals in the home.

Give your neighbors a break and use Waggin Tails instead.

**It's best to book overnight vacation care in as much advance as possible as this service is in great demand. I also offer visits for folks who don't want the overnight option.

Contact me if you have questions about this service.