Tails are Waggin for Waggin Tails Pet Care! Owners and pets agree, Jacki is great!

“. . . She is a great dog person. . .”

“My dog Martha loves her outings with Jacki. And I love Jacki because I know Martha and her pals are having a great, safe time. Very responsible and caring. She is a great dog person! ” - Jennifer A.

“. .great energy and obviously loves her job”

“Jacki is the best! My dog Oliver loves her so much and he always come back tired. She is great at keeping me updated by texts/emails and I enjoy the photos she posts on Instagram. Jacki always has a great energy and obviously loves her job. I would highly recommend her. ” - LeAnna B.

“. . . trustworthy and reliable . . .”

“Jacki and Waggin Tails Pet Care took care of my puppy for the past year. Jacki would take her to the dog park every day where she would run around for hours with other dogs. I would come home to a happy and tired pup. She is also a great dog trainer, and my dog's recall improved tremendously over this year. She cares about the dogs' safety and takes great pride in her clients knowing that their dogs are well cared for. Jacki is trustworthy and reliable. I would recommend her services to anyone. ” - Cosette S.

“. . . a wonderful resource . . .”

“My husband and I have been working with Jacki for almost two years and we have been completely satisfied with her services and care for our pooch. Jacki has been a wonderful resource, she maintains an organized schedule, and has been flexible with our changing needs throughout the year. Our dog was always well taken care of and learned most of her good manners from Jacki. I would highly recommend Jacki's services to anyone who needs a little extra help meeting their dogs needs throughout the busy work week.” - Mali H., owner of 2 year old golden retriever

“. . . very compassionate and responsive . . .”

“Jacki has been a fantastic dog walker for several years for us. Our dog sleeps soundly after each dog park outing! Jacki is extremely reliable, easy to reach and communicate with and also has been flexible to add days when needed. The few times we've had health issues with our dog she's been very compassionate and responsive to help us get her back on track. ” - Karl H.

“. . . dream come true . . .”

“We've been using Jacki for about two years now. She is a dream come true! I first saw Jacki at the dog park with a peaceful pack of pups. They were all so well behaved and followed her every move. I was really impressed by how in control she was of her pack. I had never really considered a dog walker before because they often don't seem in control of their dogs and it seems a bit unsafe. Watching Jacki that day really changed my mind. Our dog, Charlie, is so excited to see Jacki and comes home very tired and happy. Jacki is so dependable and always has good advice about dogs and training. I'm always happy to see Jacki because she is so kind and I know that Charlie will be well cared for and have tons of fun. We are so grateful to have Jacki in our lives. She's the best! ” - Daisy F.

“. . . recommend her to anyone . . .”

“We came to Jacki after having a really bad experience with our previous walker, so we were very careful and picky when it came to finding a new walker. But Jacki has been fantastic! I have been home on a few occasions when she came to pick up my pug, and he is always so excited for his excursion with her. Jacki is obviously very safety conscious and makes a point to mention how she tries to avoid the crowded times at the park, how she stops and lets the dogs rest on hot days, how she specifically arranges the dogs for the safest van ride, etc. We have had a great experience with Jacki and would recommend her to anyone looking for a new dog walker (and, as an added bonus, our formerly chubby pug has lost a few pounds and trimmed down)! ” - Lauren R.

“. . . super lucky . . .”

“I feel incredibly blessed finding Jacki at waggin tails. We have a puggle who has high energy and a zest for life! As does Jacki! That's what attracted me to her at the dog park! My puggle Sadie is my first baby! So, I have been in amazing hands having Jacki hold my hand during all the puppy stages! She, I know, LOVES my Sadie! There is never a worry when Sadie is in Jacki's care! Not to mention all the love and care she has towards my whole family! I can't thank you enough Jacki!! The Galbraith's are super lucky to have you on our lives!! ” - Kim H.

“. . . a trusted resource . . .”

“We have been clients of Jacki's for almost two years. We needed someone to provide what we thought of as "doggie daycare" to our sensitive and very active mini goldendoodle puppy, Alice. My husband and I both work full-time from home, so we thought we could handle Alice's need for exercise on our own. As it turned out, she needed more exercise and more socialization, and more often, than we could provide. When we found Jacki, we knew we would get more than "doggie daycare." Jacki has become a trusted advisor about all things Alice, as well as a member of our family. At Alice's last visit to the vet, they commented on how fit she is. We owe a lot of that to Jacki. But more important to us is that Alice has grown into a happy, calm, wonderful companion, and we are better dog owners, because of Jacki.” - M.

“. . . an excellent doggie caretaker . . .”

“Jacki's professionalism and friendliness exceeds all other dog walkers & boarders. Our previous experience with a dog boarder was a nightmare right off of elm street when Baxter, our little schnauzer terrier, came back to us with fleas (eeek!). After being referred to us by another dog walker, I contacted Jacki and met her within a couple of days. She is an excellent doggie caretaker and Baxter loves spending time at her house while we are out of town. She is flexible (which is what we need!) and understanding of last minute reservations. I would highly recommend Jacki's services. She loves animals and it really shows.” - Jules C.

“. . . so calm when we come home . . .”

“If you need a dog walker, Jacki is absolutely the best!! She has been taking care of our dog, Grover, since he was a puppy (he's now 3 years old.) and we just LOVE her! Grover is like our child, so it's so important to us that whoever takes care of Grover is the best. We feel 100% confident with Jacki that when Grover is with her, he is very well taken care of. He goes to the dog park 3 days a week with her pack. On the days he goes to the park with her, he's always so calm when we come home from work, and clean, if you can believe that! Jacki is like a part of our family!!” - Melissa P.

“I love Jacki”

“I met with a few dog walkers and the moment I met her I knew she was the one for my puppy Scooter. She has been playing with him daily since he was 12 weeks old and I know she loves him just as much as I do. She does more than take him to dog parks and on walks. She updates me daily with notes, works on training and sends me pictures. Most importantly, Jacki listened to me and what I needed to feel comfortable leaving Scoots in her hands. It is her warmth, patience and intuitive understanding that she brings to clients (both the two and four legged ones) that makes her the best out there.” - Lara M.

“It's great for me . . . ”

“Kinley loves going to the park with Jacki each week. She has made friends within her park group and regulars who show up at the park each day. It's great for me too. I work downtown and can't get home at lunch to walk her. Her park adventures provide her the exercise and potty breaks she needs, and I get the peace of mind that Kinley is very well taken care of!” - Amber B.

“I feel so incredibly lucky . . .”

“Bella obviously has a blast with Jacki and her other pups... she gets so excited when she sees Jacki that she can barely control herself. I don't think I have ever seen her tail wag so much?! I completely trust that Bella is in good hands with Jacki and it is obvious how much Jacki cares for Bella. She is also very flexible and understanding of my everchanging schedule which makes life easier for me. Most important is the peace of mind that Bella is in good hands. I would never have been able to manage raising my first puppy without her. I feel so incredibly lucky to have found Jacki!” - Amy

“. . .complete confidence . . .”

“Jacki has done a wonderful job taking our dog on daily walks over the past couple of years; it is obvious she loves what she does. We have also used her on many occasions to pet sit overnight for our dog and cat and we have the utmost trust in her. It is very nice to go on vacation and feel complete confidence that the animals will be well cared for when we are away.” - Amy A.

“professional and . . . incredibly safe“

“. . . my dog is gonna have a fun time with her dog friends and a really great pack leader. Inky is always so tired after a day with Jacki!! Waggin Tails is really professional and an incredibly safe dog service. Jacki keeps the packs small and does dog-matches. This is hard to find. She values safety over profits . . .” - Shelby T.

“. . . wonderful care and so much love . . .“

“The boys, Rock and Ziggy, just LOVE Jacki!! I am sure when Jacki shows up Rock starts talking with his bone, and Ziggy's tail wags so hard it just might fall off! The boys just love her and have so much fun with her! And then I pick them up you can tell they are just smiling ear to ear! I never once felt worried about the boys when they are with Jacki! She provides such wonderful care and so much love for all her pups. I am so happy I found Jacki and I know the boys are even happier I found Jacki!” - Danielle U.

“. . . the best dog walker . . .“

“Jacki has been the best dog walker we could have asked for. Our Brittany Spaniel, Murphy, absolutely loves going to the dog park every day with her. Really can’t express enough how great she treats our pup, and would gladly recommend her services to any dog owner around. Thanks Jacki! ” - J.M..

“. . . fantastic!. . .“

“Waggin Tails is fantastic! We just love Jacki and her walkers and have been using her services for more than 10 years. With our first dog, Rose, Jacki took her on dog park outings daily. Jacki was reliable, consistent and we always came home to a tired, happy pup! What we love about Jacki is how skilled she is with the dogs and how kind she is. After Rose passed away, we adopted our dog, Luna, and signed her up for leash walks with Waggin Tails. Luna does not get along with all dogs and cannot go on dog park adventures.”
“Jacki and her walkers have consistently gone over and above for our family. She is so much more than just a dog walker. In fact, we consider Jacki to be a part of our family. When it was time to say goodbye to our beloved Rose, Jacki joined us for that vet visit and didn’t even charge us for her time. When you hire Waggin Tails, you are getting a very special dog walker. We would not even consider hiring any other dog walker. We love you, Jacki! Thank you for your amazing pet care all of these years! P.s. Our cat, lollipop, loves Jacki, too. ” - E.P.