One dog walk or play group with Jacki Phoenix and your dog will be begging for more!

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Off-leash dog walking adventures

Hi Seattle dog owner. Are you looking for the best possible care for your dog when you are not available? Are you currently considering one of Seattle's large daycare facilities? Consider Waggin Tails group off-leash adventures instead. With Waggin Tails, you can focus on your job and trust that your pup is having a great time at some of Seattle's best parks and is absolutely safe at the same time. Picture this: a professional, experienced dog walker comes to your home, picks your dog up where he will join his buddies for romping and running at Seattle's best off-leash dog parks. She will spend 1-1/2 hours of non-stop fun each outing. When you come home after a long day of work, you will be greeted by a calm, happy dog and a clean one to boot.

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I use Magnuson off-leash dog park. While dogs are in my care, I am consistently teaching and reinforcing basic obedience, proper play behavior within the pack, and pack cohesiveness. Many of our current clients have noted an increase in good behavior after joining Waggin Tails off-leash groups. That makes our day!

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Beyond obedience, I believe it is essential to provide individualized care, ensuring that the dogs have fun but stay safe at all times. In all the years I have been doing dog walking, I have never had a dog get injured or lost while in one of my groups. I also take great care in matching dogs to the right group so that they form a cohesive “pack.”

My off-leash outings give your dog the chance to spend a significant amount of time outdoors enjoying romping, playing, sniffing and exploring. And, because the time is limited to about 4 hours (including pick-up and drop-off), there is much less chance of overstimulation. My off-leash dog adventures are the perfect solution for care while you're away at work or when you just don't have the time yourself to provide that outdoor exercise for your dog.

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Interested in giving your dog a day at the park? Visit the Rates page for pricing.

Not finding enough time or energy to get your dog the outdoor playtime they need? Contact Jacki to setup a park visit or to find your dog a pack!