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posted on: July 20, 2019

Shafer 07.19.2019  Shafer’s last walk with Waggin Tails.  We had the honor of being with him on his last day.  Shafer was a client of Waggin Tails for 10+ years.  He was well-known at Magnuson Dog Park, always eager to say hello to everyone around him – such a loving boy!  I thought of Shafer as the “daddy” of the Waggin Tails off-leash group, so sweet to the new puppies and dogs.  There will always be something missing at Waggin Tails with Shafer being gone.  We love you, Shafer!  R.I.P. dear friend.  Waggin Tails sends all of our love to Shafer’s parents, Lisa and Pat, and his sister.  Like Shafer’s mom said, a dog like Shafer only comes around once.

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07.19.2019. Schaeffer's last walk with Waggin Tails. We got to be with him on his last day. Schaefer was a client of Waggin Tails for more than 10 years I believe. He was well-known at Magnuson dog park, such a loving dog interested in saying hello to everyone! I often thought of him as the daddy of the group so gentle with all the new puppies and new dogs. There will always be something missing at Waggin Tails now that Schaefer is gone. We love you Schaefer! R.I.P. Dear friend. Waggin Tails sends our love to shaffer's parents Lisa and Pat and his sister. As his mom Lisa said a dog like Schaefer only comes around once #waggintails #safeandfun #dogadventures #magnusondogwalker #seattleoffleash #shafer

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Welcome Seattle Puppy

posted on: July 14, 2019

Welcome to the Waggin Tails family, Falkor!  You are just the cutest.  Waggin Tails Pet Care is a positive reinforcement dog walking company where we only use loving, positive tools to help train dogs and puppies.  Seattle puppies receive the best start right here with Waggin Tails.  We can’t wait to begin providing care for this adorable doodle.  Waggin Tails:  Trust.  Safety.  Reliability.  Family.


Seattle pet care founded out of love

posted on: July 7, 2019

Waggin Tails Pet Care was started 20+ years ago out of my deep love for dogs!  All of the dog walkers who work for Waggin Tails love working with dogs and love spending their days caring for dogs.  We all do this work because we truly love what we do and we will care for your puppy and dog the way that you do.  At Waggin Tails, we are a family of loving, kind, respectful folks who use positive reinforcement techniques with our animal companions.  Waggin Tails Pet Care is so much more than just a dog walk!  Waggin Tails Pet Care:  Trust.  Safety.  Reliability.  Family.

Here is Lucy enjoying her off leash adventure at Magnuson dog park –  one of Waggin Tails adorable, satisfied clients.


Each client is special to Waggin Tails

posted on: July 1, 2019

The care that Waggin Tails provides for our clients is SO much more than just a dog walk!  Each family that comes to Waggin Tails in Seattle for dog walking and puppy care has their own unique set of circumstances that creates their need for dog care.  As the owner, I truly care about each family and put great thought into how to create a unique, special care plan for their pup to make sure to meet their needs.  I do this process in a holistic way taking into consideration the well being of the family as a whole and how care for their furry family member will enhance the lives of those family members, especially their dog/puppy.

In Seattle, we deeply love our pet companions.  So, when our dogs are well cared for, it eases our stress and worry which helps the entire family dynamic.  Waggin Tails understands all of this and we take our role as dog walker very seriously as a result.  We care about your dog and about the well being of your whole family.

Here is Baloo, the newest member of the Waggin Tails pack.  Be still my heart!

Waggin Tails:  Trust.  Safety.  Reliability.  Family

Waggin Tails puppy specialists

posted on: June 29, 2019

Waggin Tails specializes in supporting puppy parents in raising those fluffy new family members.  We are well versed in positive reinforcement basic obedience and we are here to help reinforce good puppy manners right alongside of the work you are doing at home.  During our puppy visits, we provide so much more than just a potty break and feeding.  We are YOU while you are not there by helping puppy with basic manners such as “Sit”  “Stay” “Off” and proper leash walking.  We have a lot of experience working with puppies and so many beautiful success stories with puppies growing into such well mannered pups with Waggin Tails support.

This is our client, Camper, one of the many puppies Waggin Tails helped raise.  Just look at that sweet face!  So lucky to have a job caring for such sweet little beings!  Waggin Tails:  Trust.  Safety.  Reliability.  Family

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