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Waggin Tails pet sitting

posted on: April 28, 2019

A service that Waggin Tails offers our regular clients is in-home pet sitting either in my home or in our client’s home. When a client has pet sitting from Waggin Tails, it’s like their family never left home!  The pups are loved, pampered and treated just like one of the family.  “E”, Lucky’s non-furry sister, loves Lucky so much.  She and her family flew on a plane to vacation and “E” was going to miss Lucky terribly.  Here is her picture of her leaving on the plane sending love hearts to Lucky who stayed behind with me!  And, here is Lucky snoozing at my place safe and sound.  We love you, Lucky.  Don’t worry, “E.”  Although I love Lucky like he is my own, I will always bring him home to you loved and safe!


Good Manners are our specialty

posted on: April 28, 2019

Across the board, Waggin Tails clients report back to us that their dogs behavior improves consistently after joining the Waggin Tails pack.  Belgium is yet another Waggin Tails success story.  When Belgium joined Waggin Tails off leash adventures in Seattle, he didn’t respond to recall. Recall at the dog park is very important in terms of keeping the pups safe, so I got to work training Belgium to stay with his pack and respond when I call him.  Belgium is making great progress with recall and we are so proud of him.  Reports from Belgium’s mom is that she is seeing this now when her family.  We are so proud of you, Belgium, and we are so happy that you’ve joined the Waggin Tails family!


Funnest job ever!

posted on: April 22, 2019

We at Waggin Tails truly have the funnest job in the world!  Here are Boomer and Noah having a blast together on their off-leash adventure with Waggin Tails.
We love you Boomie and Noah!


Dog Safety in the Heat

posted on: August 1, 2017

Here in the Seattle area, we have some extremely hot days coming up.  We had a long, cold, wet winter, so these sunny, warm days are welcome.  But, how do we keep our sweet pups safe during these scorching temps?  Well, here are a few tips from Waggin Tails that can help your pup stay cool.

1.  If you have a small pup especially one that has a small nose such as a pug, just keep pup indoors during the next few days with the exception of short
potty breaks.

2.  Take walks earlier in the day before the really hot times of 1:00pm and 5:00pm.

3.  Don’t take your pup on long hikes even if their is shade.  A hike will cause your pup to possibly overheat due to the exercise combined with heat.

4.  If your pup gets overheated, use cold water and pour onto your pups pads of feat and belly.  Avoid pouring water onto pup’s back as this tends to heat
pup up.

5.  You can wet a bandana and place it in the freezer.  Let it thaw a bit and place around pup’s neck for walks to help keep him cool.

6.  Of course, offer pup extra water to make sure pup stays hydrated.

7.  If you happen to see a pup in a parked vehicle during these hot days, call 911.  The police will respond immediately to help you rescue the pup.

I hope that these safety tips from Waggin Tails Pet Care are helpful for you and your Seattle dog.  Stay safe.  Remember, when choosing a dog walker, Waggin Tails is Seattle’s most reliable, safe dog walking service.  When safety and experience matter…choose Waggin Tails Pet Care.

Happy Birthday, Riggins

posted on: July 23, 2017

Waggin Tails wants to wish this sweet pup, Happy Birthday!  Riggins has been with the Waggin Tails pup family for several years.  When we first met Riggins, he was just a young dude of about 5 months.  Riggins was a ball of energy that he didn’t know what to do with!  He joined the Waggin Tails off leash dog adventures group where he has been able to romp and play safely for several years. I worked closely with Riggins to teach him good puppy manners like keeping his paws on the ground when greeting humans, licking human hands instead of biting at them, playing nicely with his other doggie pals, and coming when called at the dog park.

Riggins, like all Waggin Tails members, has been surrounded by some of Seattle’s sweetest most well mannered dogs.  This exposure along with my training, and his smarts has helped Riggins evolve into the fun, well mannered pup that he is today!  Still very high energy and eager to run the entire 90 minutes at the dog park, Riggins now knows how to channel that energy into proper romping and play!

We love you, Riggins and we are so proud of you!

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