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Waggin Tails: Safety = Experience and training

posted on: June 19, 2019

I observed a dog walker yesterday in the Green Lake neighborhood walking 4 dogs on leash.  She works for one of the larger dog walking companies who have a large number of walkers providing walks for doggie parents who contact them.  What I witnessed truly horrified me!  This walker was a young, female walker.  The dogs were NOT under her control at all.  The leashes were all tangled.  She was simply standing still in one spot with the dogs while the dogs jumped on top of each other trying to wrestle with each other.  It was a very dangerous situation for these dogs.  I truly felt concerned and yelled out to her, “This does not look safe.!”  She yelled back, “Mind your own business.”  I was shocked by her unprofessional behavior.  As I drove away, the dogs were still out of control and I’m sure did not enjoy a walk while in this walker’s care.

With Waggin Tails, your dogs are safe with us!  Our leash walkers are trained and as the business owner, I am available at all times to offer advice when something comes up that threatens the safety of our clients.  We walk dogs together that walk nicely together whether that is one, two or three dogs.  Three is our maximum because I believe strongly that walking more than three dogs at one time creates a safety hazard and the dogs do not enjoy the walk.  If a dog is very high energy and needs to be walked alone, we provide that walk.  If a dog enjoys walking with a couple of other dogs, then we will make that happen as well.

Safety is our priority over profits at all times!  With Waggin Tails, you get the same walker every walk.  It is someone you get to know and trust and you can count on that walker.  Dog walking should never resemble Uber where you press a button and a walker shows up, imo.  With Waggin Tails, we are a like a family and we know each other well.

When you are looking for a reliable, responsible, trustworthy dog walking company, choose Waggin Tails.  Waggin Tails:  Trust.  Reliability.  Safety.  Family.

Waggin Tails: When you want reliability!

posted on: June 18, 2019

Got a call yesterday from a stressed out doggie mama whose pet sitter (from one of the large dog walking companies) cancelled just 2 days before this mama’s departure.  Folks, you cannot imagine how often Waggin Tails gets calls like this and I am shocked every time!  We do not cancel.  In the 20+ years Waggin Tails has been in business, we have NEVER  cancelled a pet sitting gig.  When you book with Waggin Tails, whether that is a regular leash walk, off-leash adventure or overnight pet sitting, you can trust that we will be there.  Waggin Tails:  Trust.  Reliability.  Safety.  Family.  Here is sweet Sandy enjoying her Magnuson off-leash adventure.  Look at that smile!  We adore you, Sandy!

Waggin Tails pet sitting

posted on: June 15, 2019

Waggin Tails offers our regular leash walk and off-leash adventure clients in-home pet sitting either in our home or in yours.  Here is Noah relaxing at my place!  Waggin Tails:  Trust.  Safety.  Reliability.  Family

Waggin Tails, your pup and the heat

posted on: June 13, 2019

Summer is in full swing and the temperatures this week are hovering in the 80’s.  Don’t worry, though, your pups are safe with Waggin Tails.  As the owner, I am trained and certified in pet CPR and all Waggin Tails walkers are coached and given specific instructions on how to keep our clients safe on these hot days.  Waggin Tails has been providing off leash adventures and leash walks to Seattle dog parents for 17+ years and we have never had a pup overheat while in our care!  With our off leash adventures, I take very specific steps to keep Waggin Tails clients safe and cool.  In addition to specific steps that I take, I watch each pup very closely for any signs of over heating making sure to keep the pups cool as they romp and play.

When you choose Waggin Tails, you are choosing a dog walking company that puts the safety of your pup  as our top priority.  We are experienced, trained and we care.  Waggin Tails:  Trust.  Safety.  Reliability.  Family

Here is Max cooling off in Lake Washington on his Waggin Tails off leash adventure.  Good boy, Max!

We love our Waggin Tails families

posted on: May 31, 2019

This is Charlie.  Waggin Tails provided Charlie with Seattle off leash dog adventures this past year.  Before Charlie, Waggin Tails cared for Charlie’s sister, Maddie.  Before Maddie, Waggin Tails provided walks and off leash adventures for Oliver.  We serviced 3 generations of pups for this sweet family over the past 14 years.

Waggin Tails Pet Care is so much more than a dog walking company for Seattle dog parents.  We do this work because we truly love what we do.  We bond with our families and most of our clients tell us all the time that we are a part of their family.  So, if you are looking for personalized, loving and reliable care, Waggin Tails is the perfect choice.  With Waggin Tails, you get the same dog walker every walk.

Charlie and his family are moving to Texas.  We will miss you so much, Charlie!  The Waggin Tails packs just won’t be the same without your sweet face!  Thank you to this amazing family for their loyalty all of these years and for trusting Waggin Tails with 3 generations of their furry children.

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