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Dog spelled backwards is God

posted on: December 3, 2019

Waggin Tails walker, Amber, captured this sweet moment between sissy’s, Crosby and Lola.  I learned a long time ago doing this work that dogs bond apparently very similar to the way we humans do, if not more deeply.  Their love is so pure, so unconditional between each other and with us.  It is never far from my heart and mind how incredibly amazing it is that I get to hang out with these precious creatures every single day and call it work!  My walkers feel the same way.  You melt our hearts at Waggin Tails, Crosby and Lola.  Thank you for trusting us.  It is an honor.


Waggin Tails Pet Care: Trust. Safety. Reliability. Family

posted on: November 30, 2019

Hi.  I am Jacki, owner and found of Waggin Tails Pet Care.  I started this dog walking company 20+ years ago because I wanted to leave corporate America.   It was totally a fluke that I began doing dog walking (in the Bay Area at the time)  Several years later, I woke up one day realizing that I absolutely love working with dogs!  At Waggin Tails, we do this work because we truly love the work that we do and we are really good at it.  We find such fulfillment in providing safe, loving, reliable pet care for our human clients so that you can go to work or engage in other activities knowing that your dogs are in excellent hands while you are not available.  With Waggin Tails, I know that I am truly making a difference in people’s lives, and this is why I do this work.  I am making a living doing something that I truly love – I feel truly blessed to be able to say this!  If you are looking for a dog walking company where you will develop a personal relationship with the business owner and your dog walker, then you’ve come to the right company!  Reach out today to schedule your FREE meet and greet and get signed up for dog care services to meet your family’s needs.  Waggin Tails:  Trust.  Safety.  Reliability.  Family.


Not just a dog walker

posted on: November 28, 2019

Waggin Tails leash walks are so much more than just a dog walk.  With Waggin Tails, you get very personalized care AND the same dog walker every walk!  We get to know our clients and our clients get to know us which is so important for the well being of your pups and for your own peace of mind.  Here are Lola and Crosby enjoying their walk with our beloved dog walker, Amber.  Sweet pups!  Waggin Tails.  Trust.  Safety.  Reliability.  Family.

Waggin Tails Off-Leash Adventures

posted on: November 27, 2019

Here is sweet Baloo enjoying his Magnuson Dog Park off-leash doggie adventure with Waggin Tails.  Waggin Tails has an impeccable safety record.  In the 18 years we have been using Magnuson Dog Park, we have never had a dog injured – we take the well being of your pup seriously.  With Waggin Tails, your pup is always safe while socializing with some of Seattle’s sweetest pups.  Waggin Tails:  Trust.  Safety.  Reliability.  Family.

Waggin Tails on-leash adventures: Always safe. Always fun.

posted on: November 20, 2019

Here is Annie one of Waggin Tails many pups who Waggin Tails provides on-leash walks for.  When you choose Waggin Tails , you are choosing a dog walking company that truly cares about your pup!  Don’t worry about a thing while you are at work!  We’ve got you covered.  Waggin Tails:  Trust.  Safety.  Reliability.  Family.


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