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Each client is special to Waggin Tails

posted on: July 1, 2019

The care that Waggin Tails provides for our clients is SO much more than just a dog walk!  Each family that comes to Waggin Tails in Seattle for dog walking and puppy care has their own unique set of circumstances that creates their need for dog care.  As the owner, I truly care about each family and put great thought into how to create a unique, special care plan for their pup to make sure to meet their needs.  I do this process in a holistic way taking into consideration the well being of the family as a whole and how care for their furry family member will enhance the lives of those family members, especially their dog/puppy.

In Seattle, we deeply love our pet companions.  So, when our dogs are well cared for, it eases our stress and worry which helps the entire family dynamic.  Waggin Tails understands all of this and we take our role as dog walker very seriously as a result.  We care about your dog and about the well being of your whole family.

Here is Baloo, the newest member of the Waggin Tails pack.  Be still my heart!

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