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Waggin Tails puppy specialists

posted on: June 29, 2019

Waggin Tails specializes in supporting puppy parents in raising those fluffy new family members.  We are well versed in positive reinforcement basic obedience and we are here to help reinforce good puppy manners right alongside of the work you are doing at home.  During our puppy visits, we provide so much more than just a potty break and feeding.  We are YOU while you are not there by helping puppy with basic manners such as “Sit”  “Stay” “Off” and proper leash walking.  We have a lot of experience working with puppies and so many beautiful success stories with puppies growing into such well mannered pups with Waggin Tails support.

This is our client, Camper, one of the many puppies Waggin Tails helped raise.  Just look at that sweet face!  So lucky to have a job caring for such sweet little beings!  Waggin Tails:  Trust.  Safety.  Reliability.  Family

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