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I love my job

posted on: May 8, 2019

I truly and deeply love what I do as a Seattle dog walker.  Not many people can say that they wake up happy every single day doing work that they truly love.  I love each and every one of my clients – we really are a family here at Waggin Tails. We are the opposite of those larger “Uber” type dog walking companies and I’m proud of this!  You either get me, the business owner, taking care of your pup, or one of our walkers and you get the same walker day after day.  Trust.  Safety.  Reliability.  Family.  🙂   This is Camper.  We began taking care of Camper when she was just 8 weeks old!  Waggin Tails has been Camper’s only trusted dog walker.  Camper is another one of our success stories.  Camper, when she was a baby, was the shyest puppy I had ever met! So, I made it a priority to provide Camper with plenty of socialization with safe pups from Waggin Tails right from the start.  Of course, making sure that only well doggies came to visit Camper.  When Camper was old enough, she joined our off-leash adventures which is what Camper continues to this day.  Between Waggin Tails and Camper’s family’s training, Camper has pretty much overcome her extreme shyness and has blossomed into quite the social girl.  We are so proud of our work with Camper and we love her dearly.  Waggin Tails Pet Care:  So much more than just your average dog walking company.

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