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Waggin Tails pet sitting

posted on: April 28, 2019

A service that Waggin Tails offers our regular clients is in-home pet sitting either in my home or in our client’s home. When a client has pet sitting from Waggin Tails, it’s like their family never left home!  The pups are loved, pampered and treated just like one of the family.  “E”, Lucky’s non-furry sister, loves Lucky so much.  She and her family flew on a plane to vacation and “E” was going to miss Lucky terribly.  Here is her picture of her leaving on the plane sending love hearts to Lucky who stayed behind with me!  And, here is Lucky snoozing at my place safe and sound.  We love you, Lucky.  Don’t worry, “E.”  Although I love Lucky like he is my own, I will always bring him home to you loved and safe!