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Dog Safety in the Heat

posted on: August 1, 2017

Here in the Seattle area, we have some extremely hot days coming up.  We had a long, cold, wet winter, so these sunny, warm days are welcome.  But, how do we keep our sweet pups safe during these scorching temps?  Well, here are a few tips from Waggin Tails that can help your pup stay cool.

1.  If you have a small pup especially one that has a small nose such as a pug, just keep pup indoors during the next few days with the exception of short
potty breaks.

2.  Take walks earlier in the day before the really hot times of 1:00pm and 5:00pm.

3.  Don’t take your pup on long hikes even if their is shade.  A hike will cause your pup to possibly overheat due to the exercise combined with heat.

4.  If your pup gets overheated, use cold water and pour onto your pups pads of feat and belly.  Avoid pouring water onto pup’s back as this tends to heat
pup up.

5.  You can wet a bandana and place it in the freezer.  Let it thaw a bit and place around pup’s neck for walks to help keep him cool.

6.  Of course, offer pup extra water to make sure pup stays hydrated.

7.  If you happen to see a pup in a parked vehicle during these hot days, call 911.  The police will respond immediately to help you rescue the pup.

I hope that these safety tips from Waggin Tails Pet Care are helpful for you and your Seattle dog.  Stay safe.  Remember, when choosing a dog walker, Waggin Tails is Seattle’s most reliable, safe dog walking service.  When safety and experience matter…choose Waggin Tails Pet Care.

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