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Happy Birthday, Riggins

posted on: July 23, 2017

Waggin Tails wants to wish this sweet pup, Happy Birthday!  Riggins has been with the Waggin Tails pup family for several years.  When we first met Riggins, he was just a young dude of about 5 months.  Riggins was a ball of energy that he didn’t know what to do with!  He joined the Waggin Tails off leash dog adventures group where he has been able to romp and play safely for several years. I worked closely with Riggins to teach him good puppy manners like keeping his paws on the ground when greeting humans, licking human hands instead of biting at them, playing nicely with his other doggie pals, and coming when called at the dog park.

Riggins, like all Waggin Tails members, has been surrounded by some of Seattle’s sweetest most well mannered dogs.  This exposure along with my training, and his smarts has helped Riggins evolve into the fun, well mannered pup that he is today!  Still very high energy and eager to run the entire 90 minutes at the dog park, Riggins now knows how to channel that energy into proper romping and play!

We love you, Riggins and we are so proud of you!

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