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Waggin Tails Doggie Safety Alert

posted on: August 23, 2016

I just received an email from a beloved client about a situation by Greenlake where her dog was injured.  She was walking around Greenlake and allowing her small breed dog to walk off leash.  Her dog ran up to a group of strangers and hung out with them for a few minutes.  A short while after than encounter, her dog began acting strange and barfed.

This doggie mama took her pup to the emergency vet and discovered that her dog had been fed some food containing marijuana and suffered marijuana toxicity as a result.

Best advice when walking your dog in an urban or city environment:  Please keep your dog on leash and keep interactions with strangers to a minimum.  Not everyone has your doggies best interest in mind.

Stay safe and take good care of those pooches.



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