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WARNING: Christmas decorations and dogs

posted on: December 14, 2015

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year.  We all come together to express our love for one another sharing gifts and putting up beautiful, bright decorations around our houses and on our Christmas trees.  The festivities provide endless fun.  While Christmas activities can be fun, like decorating the Christmas tree, we must not forget about our fur children who will also encounter any decorations that we put up.

Most dogs love balls!  So, can you imagine what goes through the mind of a pup when she sees all  of those bright, beautiful Christmas ornaments on your tree?  To you, they are decorations to gaze at.  But, to your pup, they are just…LOTS OF BALLS!  Dogs have no way of understanding the difference between the ball that you play fetch with him every day and the ones that you’ve hung on your Christmas tree.  For all he knows, you’ve let them there just for him.

Please also keep in mind that many decorations are also toxic.  I sure wish they weren’t, but they are:  the paint, the little metal clips on the item, tiny pieces that could be swallowed.  Here are some precautions to keep in mind as you decorate your house and leave gifts around waiting for Santa to come.

1.  NEVER leave a young dog unattended around a newly decorated Christmas tree.  Just because your young dog is left successfully in your house when you go to work does not in any way mean he can be trusted around your newly decorated tree.

2.  Consider decorating only the upper branches which would keep the ornaments away from your pup’s reach.

3.  Decorate without using ball ornaments.

4.  Never leave gifts that include chocolate or other food items laying around underneath the tree in reach of pup.

I’ve witnessed and heard of way too many stories of pups being seriously injured from chewing on Christmas ornaments or eating Christmas chocolate.  Let’s keep Christmas a joyous time for all, including our sweet fur pups and cats.


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