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Waggin Tails: When safety matters

posted on: June 4, 2015

Yesterday, a client shared a horrifying story with me.  On a Seattle blog, someone told the story of how a dog walker in Seattle was caught on an elevator camera kicking a dog, one of his clients.

I wish I could say that I am shocked by this story.  Unfortunately, I am not.

What I can assure you is this.  With Waggin Tails, you can feel 100% confident that your dog/puppy will be 100% safe at all times.  Your dog will be cared for in a loving, positive way at all times.  I use only + reinforcement, humane training techniques.  There is no hitting, scolding, leash jerks, choke collars.  There is, instead, a focus on building a trusting connection with your pup that involves rewarding the behaviors I want to see more of, and preventing behaviors that I hope to see less of by mostly ignoring unwanted behaviors.

I am a dog walker because…I love dogs!  I love each and every client in my care, and feel deeply passionate about how as humans, we need to see the dogs in our lives as vulnerable beings who needs guidance, love, and respect in order to thrive.

With Waggin Tails, your dog will receive the highest standard of care and will always be safe.  It is my privilege and honor to be trusted with my clients’ furry children.

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