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A Letter From a Client

posted on: November 19, 2012

Hi Jacki. This is Annie M (howie’s mom). I thought of you today when someone said jacki and howies ears perked up. I see your posts all the time about your outings to the dog park. I just wanted to tell you that although my time was short in Seattle you made a huge impact on me and howie. I always rested well and knew that howie was in the best of hands when he was with you. I often would go to magnuson and now parks in colorado on my days off and see other dog groups unruly and with the leader yelling at the dogs. I wanted you to know how amazing you are and how much you impacted howie. I only wish I could find someone as wonderful as you to trust with my little guy again. He was so well mannered in public when I left Seattle and I owe that all to you. You changed my buddy for the better. Keep up the amazing work. If I ever find myself in Seattle again I will be sure to let you know. :-):-). Your positive manner and love of dogs shines.
Best wishes!