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Dog Product Alert

posted on: November 14, 2010

Do you use a dog harness where the leash attaches at the chest?    I have for several years.  I want to pass on this warning in regards to these types of  harnesses.  I’ve just heard from a reputable source that there are dogs who use this type of  harness who are ending up with chronic physical injuries. With this type of  harness where the leash attaches at the chest – the leash attaches at the chest and the leash then rests across one particular side of the dog.  If the dog continues to pull while wearing the harness, some dogs are then overdeveloping the muscles on just one side of the front of their body causing  real problems.  Stop and think about this for a moment and it makes complete sense!
I have used the used and recommended this type of harness  frequently for years!  I am going to stop using it immediately and look for follow-up information in regards to this problem.
Thanks “B” for this warning! 
Happy wet muddy but fun days to you!!

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