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Je Vous Presente’ Cosmo

posted on: August 25, 2010

Cosmo is a 1 yr old lab who has just moved to Seattle from France. He was born in France and they don’t have dog parks there! Can you believe that? He has a lot of pent up energy and so he acts out a lot. His family is from here and has just moved back to Seattle.

Cosmo is boarding with me right now, and I am so enjoying this opportunity to work with Cosmo. I often have clients who want me to do basic obedience training in addition to general boarding services.

I’m so pleased with Cosmo’s progress. He is now responding consistently to most basic commands: sit, stay, wait, drop, come, heel (that’s a work in progress!) and leave it. He is so eager to learn and to please AND is food motivated which makes training him successful.

I can’t wait for his family to return from vacation and see how great he is doing.

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