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Summer Tips

posted on: July 11, 2010

Oh, how quickly the memory of our harsh, cold, rainy winter fades on days like this: 90 f, a brisk, cool breeze…I’ve said this before… summers in Seattle are like “shining a light on a diamond.” ahhhhh… Here are some tips from Waggin Tails to help keep your dogs safe during this summer time fun:

Did you know that dogs sweat through the bottoms of their paws? Funny, huh? If you are out with you dog and your dog gets heated, DO NOT HOSE YOUR DOG’S WHOLE BODY DOWN if you will continue to be outside in the heat.

Foxtails, beware!Foxtails: a plant plentiful in this area and it’s absolutely evil!! Be on the lookout for foxtails right now…. and about through the end of September.

Be very careful where you leave your dog on hot days of summer.

Environments that may seem cool enough can actually be way too hot for a dog like being left tied in front of Whole Foods while you run in to pick up a few items.

Enjoy this season…it’s definitely fun to live in Seattle at this time of year. We have earned it!

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