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A Seattle Dog and Walker Love Story

posted on: June 15, 2010

Keely stopped by tonight.  She lives a few blocks away and brought her dogs walking with her – Sadie (12 yr old golden) and Sky (6 yr old Cavalier). Keely is also a Seattle dog walker.   Keely’s friend stood on the sidewalk holding Sadie and Sky’s leashes while Keely came inside to pick up an item that I had for her.  We chatted for a moment.. I didn’t even realize that the dogs were with Keely.  I’ve known this family for about 6 years including Sadie and Sky, but hadn’t seen the dogs in probably 7 or 8 months.  Keely and I said goodbye and she left to walk home.  About 5 minutes later I hear a knock at the door.. it’s late in the evening and wondered who it could be.  It was Keely and her dog, Sadie.  Keely says that she had only been able to get about a block trying desperately to pull Sadie along in order to get home.  Then, Sadie pulled full force all the way up to my doorstep… to see me.   She had heard my voice when Keely was leaving and needed to say “hello.”  Sadie and I spent some time reuniting.  She is so old now… so much older than the last I saw her and yet, so alive in her spirit and her love…just as strong,unwaivering, as the last time I saw her…maybe even a year ago.  Loyalty, undying love, commitment…we humans have SOOOO much to learn from the dogs and all animals on this planet.

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