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Ricco’s mom heading to the Big Easy

posted on: June 7, 2010

Ricco is a gorgeous leonberger/lab pup in my group – his mom, Christina, is heading to New Orleans next weekend with a group of gal pals to celebrate someone’s 40th…”Ya know, my friend wanted to celebrate her 40th big and asked us if we would like to go down to New Orleans and I said, heck yea! why not… let’s go!” ..Christina) They’ve decided to make it New Orleans because they LOVE the city and feel so much pain, like most of us, about this environmental crime/oil gush that is happening.

I am from New Orleans and have been following the developments of this environmental crime and have been outraged and devastated. It’s stories like this that truly make me feel hope in the “power of the people.” Christina and her pals will head down and party in the Big Easy which is exactly what New Orleanians need right now… laughter and some cash from tourism!! Need a weekend getaway?.. head down south, spend some doe ray me, and bring some light to the people of the Gulf Coast.

As for me… I will be heading down, too, as soon as I am able… first hitting Florida on the ocean side where the oil has not hit yet, then on to New Orleans to see 1st hand what is happening and lend some support.

“never doubt that a small group of citizens can change the world… indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”
-margaret meed

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